Madame Shiatzy Chen, known as the founder and name behind the luxury fashion label, founded Cha Cha Thé. She noticed rooted within every culture is a famous tea salon representing their country. In France there is Mariage Fréres, England Fortnum & Mason, and Japan the dedication to preserving the ancient Japanese Way of Tea. However, in greater China there was a lack of preservation and modernization celebrating traditional Chinese tea rituals, which created the urge for Madame Shiatzy Chen to establish Cha Cha Thé.
In 2008, Madame Shiatzy Chen founded Cha Cha Thé with the desire of transforming the sacred and revered Chinese Tea Culture by melding western culture and aesthetics culminating in a modern Chinese tea ritual. Cha Cha Thé’s inception created an elegant modern chic Chinese tea salon offering a variety of luxurious gift sets.