Since 1979, the founder’s full of enthusiasm, passion, and destiny to found Trimentea. Because of his faith, Trimentea has all the best quality in tea utensils industry.

Porcelain material of tea utensils:

We insist to kiln products twice with of high temperature.
The first time, with 1330°C to shape. After putting color painting on, kiln these utensils with high temperature the second time. To make all the utensils looks elegant and pure as jades.

Glass material of tea utensils:

We make utensils with Boron glass. It features high-hardness and low-expansion.
Every glass material of Trimentea utensils is manual work .With 1450 °C, technicians blow to shape these utensils, so they can specially to contain different temperatures, high thickness, easy to clean, and hold the tea aroma in. Because of these features, Trimentea utensils always look shine, stable and durable.